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2013-2014 Theme and State Project

Dear TASC,

We belong to the largest student leadership organization in the world—TASC. We are proud of that image! In fact, we take pictures of ourselves at all of our great STUCO events. With pictures, it seems the crazier the image the better, but we are more than that “selfie” on the screen.

This year we challenge ourselves to see beyond the surface of our lives. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what truly lies beyond the image is worth millions.

We invite all of you to join us in our 2013-2014 celebration of leadership. Image is perception; leadership is reality; be more than your reflection!

At our state steering committee retreat, student leaders from across Texas examined various issues affecting high schools today as we worked to develop this year’s state project.  We determined that the root cause of most problems was the lack of connections within our schools. This year, we challenge every council to develop relationships within your school by initiating collaborative service projects that include multiple school organizations and student populations and even multiple schools and community organizations.  We know that working side by side on a particular project will build those shared experiences that create better relationships in our schools and our communities. So get busy STUCO, and make that TEXAN CONNECTION!

Yours in leadership,

Seehum Isa, Charlie Goins, Kevin O’Brien, Alicia Fortunato, John Cox


Schools are required to offer many of the following programs.  Talk with your princpal to see how student council can be an invaluable resource on your campus.


How student leaders can help:
• Publicize school anti-harassment policies and procedures
• Promote the need for and value of respectful relationships
• Sponsor school assemblies and information campaigns
• Develop new strategies to share with school districts and the legislature
• Teach students safe ways to intervene



Pages 169-170 in Workshop Planner

Cyber Safety

How student leaders can help:
• Conduct information campaigns regarding identify theft, making good decisions, online identify, managing passwords, etc.
• Conduct workshops on “cybercitizenship”
Pages 173-174 in Workshop Planner

Dating Violence

How student leaders can help:
• Conduct campaigns to raise awareness
• Sponsor assemblies
• Publicize “safety nets” for those who are abused

Constitution Day

How student leaders can help:
• Share “conversation starters” at lunch
• Invite speakers into the classrooms and to after school meetings for interested students
• Create announcements
• Write articles for the school newspaper
• Conduct a voter registration campaign
• Conduct a Constitution Day IQ Quiz

Financial Literacy

How student leaders can help:
• Share the Reality Check quiz
• Invite speakers into classes or conduct after school meetings
• Create lessons to take to elementary schools

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

How student leaders can help:
• Set positive examples
• Develop expectations for student activity groups
• Host assemblies
• Conduct awareness campaigns
• Create lessons for younger grades
• Host drug and alcohol events

Safe Driving

How student leaders can help:
• Create PSA’s
• Create videos
• Host assemblies
• Create awareness campaigns
• Have students sign pledges
• Sponsor safe driving classes

Drop-out Prevention

How student leaders can help:
• Conduct transition programs such as freshman camps, new student welcomes, moving from intermediate to middle school
• Create student mentoring programs
• Plan events that appeal to different groups of students
• Plan school wide “name games”
• Plan events open to all
• Combat discrimination and bullying
• Conduct peer tutoring programs
• Publicize value of education
• Provide service learning opportunities for all
• Plan activities that reward attendance
• Plan activities that make students want to be in school
• Promote involvement in co-curricular activities through activity fairs, parent information, etc.

Improve College Acceptance and Enrollment

What can student leaders do?
• Volunteer in Career Labs to help students get their PIN for their FAFSA, access college information, etc.
• Bring in speakers to share information about jobs that require varying levels of education beyond high school
• Sponsor a bus for a college visit
• Host at career nights and college fairs
• Plan college awareness activities
• Take college awareness activities to feeder schools
• Host college t-shirt days
• Plan college awareness games (i.e. college bingo)

Healthy Living

How student leaders can help:
• Conduct “active” projects:  walk a thons, dodge ball tournaments, intramurals
• Sponsor awareness programs about food choices, effects of “energy” drinks, etc.
• Take education programs to elementary schools

Celebrate Freedom Week:  week of September 17

How students can help:
Provide announcements
Lead recitations of required materials

Use our Endorsed Programs as well.  They are excellent resources.

Explore the resourses tab on this website as well as links on projec treport forms for more ideas.  Remember also to go through the successful TASC council projects that are posted under projects.

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